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Trade different digital currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and more at Gemstone Holdingstrading group.





Digital Coins

Why trading digital currencies with Gemstone Holdings?

No need for exchange account

Trade with CFDs or spread betting and take advantage of digital currencies price fluctuations without having to open an exchange account.

Go long
or Short

You do not own any assets here, so you are free to trade in both rising and falling markets and have profits, if you do it right.


Interactive charting system and advanced technical indicators providing instant trades through Webtrader platform.

Cutting-edge technology

The world class technology we provide our clients with is a reliable provider of live prices, financial events and the latest news.

Trade Digital Currencies Now

Open your account with Gemstone Holdings and start taking advantage of our products and services. Start with a minimum to test your experience with us, and you are more than welcome to hit the market bigger.

Which digital currencies can I trade?

Trading digital currencies is different from trading forex markets or the other traditional forms of financial markets. They are relatively new trading assets, and they are influenced by many factors, different from what influence Forex, commodities and others. The leader of digital currencies is without doubt Bitcoin. Find here some other well-performing digital currencies:


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 from a hard fork with Bitcoin. It is a new version of Bitcoin, which is subject to different rules and it is able to process more transactions due to its higher capacity.


Ethereum (ETH) – It is more than just a digital currency. It is like a supercomputer that is made up of many computers around the globe. Ethereum is a base for the creation of computer programs, called smart contracts. This grew the value of Ethereum by almost 10,000% in 2017.


EOS – This digital currency is the biggest competitor of Ethereum. It gained its popularity for the efficiency and security in processing transactions. It is similar to the Ethereum technology, but faster, more scalable and allows users to create applications more efficiently.


Bitcoin Gold (BTG) – It is a second derivative from Bitcoin source code. BTG brings the entire transaction history of Bitcoin with it. If you owned Bitcoin before the split, now you own the same amount of BTG also.

Digital currencies trading risk management

Do not start trading without being aware of risk management tools and strategy. You need to understand that risk management will protect your capital, so you better decide about it in the beginning. Both CFDs and spread betting are leveraged products, protecting yourself from market volatility and deciding in advance on risk appetite will save you a lot of headaches.

Stop Loss Orders

Stop loss Orders – It stops an order to close a position. Condition: the last price equals to Stop Loss price level. The requested order price is not guaranteed.

Trailing Stops

It adjusts the Stop Loss predefined value according to how the market is moving in a predefined difference.